NHL Top Three Wins of the First Half (Atlantic)

Florida Panthers (29-15-5) 1st in Atlantic

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Florida Panthers

Panthers at Lightning 11/14/2015

Panthers at Red Wings 11/29/2015

Islanders at Panthers 11/27/2015


Tampa Bay Lightning (27-18-4) 2nd in Atlantic

Tampa bay lightning

Rangers at Lightning 11/19/2015

Penguins at Lightning 1/15/2016

Lightning at Jets 10/23/2015


Detroit Red Wings (25/16/8) 3rd in Atlantic

Red Wings

Predators at Red Wings 12/5/2015

Canadiens at Red Wings 12/10/2015

Red Wings at Senators 11/16/2015


Boston Bruins (26/18/5) 4th in Atlantic


Rangers at Bruins 11/27/2015

Devils at Bruins 12/20/2015

Bruins at Red Wings 11/25/2015


Montreal Canadiens (24-22-4) 5th in Atlantic


Canucks at Canadiens 11/16/2015

Canadiens at Lightning 12/28/2015

Bruins at Canadiens 11/7/2015


Ottawa Senators (23-21-6) 6th in Atlantic


Canadiens at Senators 11/3/2015

Bruins at Senators 1/9/2016

Senators at Maple Leafs 10/10/2015


Toronto Maple Leafs (17-22-9) 7th in Atlantic

Maple Leafs

Maple Leafs at Stars 11/10/15

Maple Leafs at Penguins 12/30/15

Maple Leafs at Predators 11/12/2015


Buffalo Sabres (20-26-4) 8th in Atlantic


Sabres at Flyers 10/30/2015

Kings at Sabres 12/12/2015

Sabres at Red Wings 12/14/2015




Old Faces, New Places – Games of the Weekend 8/2-4

Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Portland Timbers — 8/3, 8 p.m. ET, on MLSsoccer.com — 80

Who’s ready for some Cascadia Cup rivalry? Awww yeah. Okay, if that rivalry doesn’t get you excited, here are some facts that might. Portland is tied for second in the West. After a bad loss to Philly, Vancouver is on the ropes, just barely holding onto their playoff spot.The Timbers are angling for a franchise record-tying fifth consecutive home win. Both teams have been struggling recently. For both rivalry and desperation reasons, expect these two squads to put up a good show.

Rangers vs. A’s Saturday — 8/3, 4:05 p.m. ET, on Fox — 79

The Rangers and A’s are the only teams in contention for the AL West. That’s just a fact. And whichever one loses out will be in a tough battle for a wild card spot. After this series, the two teams play each other in just one more series. You may be starting to get the picture — these are important games. This game arguably features the most exciting pitching matchup of this series. Garza, who’s posting a 1.88 ERA in 14 1/3 innings with Texas, faces Parker, who’s struggled with command but shown the ability pitch solidly at home.

Red Bulls vs. Kansas City — 8/3, 6:30 p.m. ET, on NBC Sports — 78

One of these teams is going to win the Eastern Conference. New York is coming off a big win over Real Salt Lake, but has traditionally struggled on the road, where they’ve been shut out in three consecutive games. Kansas City lost a tough match to Montreal, but has retained a 1 point lead on the conference. To win, New York will have to overcome the loss of Tim Cahill, who’s out with an injury for three to four weeks.

Diamondbacks vs. Red Sox — 8/3, 7:10 p.m. ET local channels — 83

It’s Peavy time! Around a rather uneventful trade deadline, the biggest deal might have been the 3 way trade to send Peavy to Boston. Here, he’ll get his first start with the other Sox, and we’ll get to see how the Fenway crowd treats him. Peavy had won two straight with his old team. He’ll be facing Corbin, who’s been downright awesome for the D-backs this season. In addition to boasting a 2.24 ERA, in games where he’s on the mound, Arizona is 18-3 (his record is 12-2). Expect a sweet pitching matchup.

Cardinals vs. Reds — 8/4, 1:10 p.m. ET, on local channels — 90 Lynn and Leake. These two NL Central pitchers have made a name for themselves as top-notch starters, while not even being the aces for their respective teams. Lynn is a workhorse, and Leake possesses the ability to completely dominate. These two teams are in a close divisional race, both chasing the Pirates. The Cards could use a win to catch up to first, while the Reds need a W to keep themselves in contention.

Will Dwight Howard Make Good On Kobe’s Playoff Promise? – Games of the Day 4/17/2013


Each day we will give you the top games to look out for – the games that will be most exciting each day.

Sabres vs. Bruins 4:30pm PST – 93 Rating
In light of the tragic events in Boston on Monday, the city will try and get back to business, as best as it possibly can, with The Bruins returning to TD Garden for a matchup against the Buffalo Sabres. Whether or not you are a hockey fan this is one of those games that is way bigger than an athletic contest and a small step in Bostonians trying to get back to normal.

Rockets vs. Lakers 7:30pm PST – 92 Rating
On the last day of the NBA regular season, the playoff picture for the Lakers is pretty simple. If then win tonight against the Rockets, they’re in with the #7 seed. If they lose and Utah wins – they’re out. If both teams lose, the Lakers are in with the #8 seed. Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol would love to make good on Kobe’s playoff promises.

Jazz vs. Grizzlies 5:00pm PST – 91 Rating
Again, this is playoff basketball for the Jazz. This game is obviously directly connected to the one above. The Jazz are in that weird position where they play first – so if they handle their business tonight against Memphis they’ll still have to wait around and watch the Lakers/Rockets game to see if their season will continue next week.

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Can The Clippers Gain Home Court Advantage? – Games of the Day 4/16/2013


Everton vs Arsenal 11:45am PST – 76 Thuuz rating
The third-place Gunners look to continue their hot streak when sixth-place Everton visits the Emirates Stadium for a big game Tuesday. Everton wants to qualify for one of next season’s European competitions, but they need a win to revive their fading dreams.

Trailblazers vs. Clippers 7:30pm PST – 72 Thuuz rating
Lob City is still chasing home court advantage for the playoffs as they are a half game behind Memphis. The Clippers need a win on Tuesday against the Trailblazers and then a win against Sacramento on Tuesday to seal the deal. If they lose they are no longer in control of their own destiny as they would need the Grizzlies to lose to Utah in their final regular season game. Also, with Portland sitting lots of their front court, it could turn into a late season slam dunk contest for Blake and DeAndre.

Raptors vs. Hawks 5:00pm PST – 69 Thuuz rating
The Raptors are playing for exercise at this point but the Hawks are looking to up their seeding for the playoffs. They are fighting with the Bulls for control of the 5th seed. The 5th seed plays Brooklyn in the playoffs, while the 6th seed would go against the Pacers.

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Padres and Dodgers Meet Post Brawl – Games of the Day 4/15/2013


Padres vs. Dodgers 7:10pm PST – 86 Thuuz rating

This is the first time the Padres and Dodgers have met since Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin charged the mound after being hit by a pitch. The fight fractured Dodgers starting pitcher Zack Greinke’s shoulder. Greinke will be out for at least 8 weeks. The Dodgers are certainly holding a grudge against Quentin, but they said they won’t be retaliating in any way (especially on Jackie Robinson day at the park). Either way – this game is sure to be a tension filled matchup to keep your eye on.

Spurs vs. Warriors 7:30pm PST – 75 Thuuz rating
The NBA regular season is winding down, but tonight’s Spurs vs. Warrior’s matchup still has playoff implications. The Spurs can still secure a #1 seed if they win and OKC gets upset by the Kings. And the Warriors are fighting with the Rockets for that #6 spot. Also, The Kobe-less Lakers could take that #6 spot from both teams. And just from a pure entertainment perspective, the Warriors back court is one of the most exciting to watch in the NBA and Stephen Curry is coming off of a 47 point performance on Friday against the Lakers.

Jazz vs. Timberwolves 5:00pm PST – 74 Thuuz rating
Al Jefferson is coming off a career high tying 40 points in a 107-100 home win over the Timberwolves on Friday. He gets to go against the T-Wolves again as the Jazz look to keep their playoffs hopes alive. The picture is pretty simple – The Jazz need to win out and the Lakers need to lose one of their last two for Utah to continue their season. If they lose, the Lakers are in. It’s playoff basketball, before the playoffs even begin.

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