Thuuz Sports – now your ultimate TV companion for the Fall

Android tablet users, we’ve been thinking of you lately! Thuuz Sports 6.5, now available in Google Play, includes a completely redesigned interface for everyone.

While the update is a breath of fresh air for mobile users, we especially focused on optimizing the experience for our Android tablet users.  Why? Our recent research indicates almost 60% of our fanatic Thuuzers use their tablets to complement their sports viewing experience . The updated app acts as the perfect 2nd screen for sports, serving as heat map to everything live or upcoming on TV.

Guide view

In our updated guide view, users can see recently completed, live and upcoming games all in a single landscape view. Your favorite teams are now always “pinned” to the top of each column.

Highlights are integrated into the guide itself. If a highlight is available for a past game. you’ll see a link or thumbnail on the guide itself.

You can sort the guide view by our excitement ratings or game start time.

Game detail view

In our updated game detail view, you can now see the live game feed at first glance, along with tune in information, friend check-ins and Fantasy player status.

Check into the game (upper right) to alert your friends and followers about a great game, or scroll across the tabs to view stats, recaps and other game information.

In landscape view, you can even track trending live or upcoming games.

New Navigation

We’ve also made navigating the app easier and quicker (for our Android smartphone users as well). By clicking on the Thuuz icon when on the top level of the app, or by swiping to the right from the left edge of the screen at any time, access a drawer that has links to all the major sections of the app.

Fantasy Integration

For those of you that love Fantasy Football and Baseball, the tablet interface will show your current roster of players, with pertinent information like when they’re in the red zone, and of course where you can tune in to watch them.  Our feed will provide you a series of updates for all your Fantasy players as well.

Look for an iPad version a little later 😉

Fantasy Thuuzers: It’s Baseball Time!

While Thuuz Sports is the ultimate utility for any baseball fan, we provide a little bit extra for Fantasy baseballers. With our latest releases for iOS and Android, Fantasy Thuuzers can make sure they never miss an exciting performance involving one of their fantasy baseball players.

photo (4)

How it works?
Sign up for Thuuz Fantasy Baseball 2013 beta and Import your Fantasy baseball teams in thuuz from any of the major Fantasy platforms. Along with tracking your team favs and exciting games, we’ll track games involving your Fantasy players and let you know when your players are going off. We’ll even tell you if the game is on TV.

Key features
Fantasy baseball is an integrated add-on to the main Thuuz Sports app

– See your Fantasy rosters, player status and league status on the Fantasy tab
– Scan timely Fantasy updates in your Thuuz feed
– Receive Thuuz Fantasy alerts
– Hot players – when your players reach statistical milestones
– Scoring position – when pitchers enter the game or batters have RBI opportunities
– Competition updates – end of the week updates if your match is close
– Injury alerts – when your players get put on the DL
– Talk smack in Thuuz to your league competitors

Why import your Fantasy teams in Thuuz?
We won’t replace your Fantasy apps but there are a few benefits to integrating your Fantasy rosters in Thuuz Sports.

– Easier to track live sports for BOTH your fan favs AND your fantasy players
– Easier for Fantasy owners with teams on multiple platforms to track players
– Best in class alerts, including when your Fantasy players are on TV

Getting started?
It’s simple to get started

– Download the latest version of Thuuz
– Click on the Fantasy tab in Thuuz
– Create a Thuuz account if you haven’t already done so
– Sign into your Fantasy platforms to import your teams
– And you’re ready to go.

As always, let us know what you think. Email us anytime at

Tennis Fans, We Listened: Thuuz Adds Tennis to Award-Winning Sports App

schmierHey Thuuzers, I’m Michael Schmier and I’m the head of product here at Thuuz. Our 6.4 release just made it into both iTunes and Google Play. We love providing new sports goodies for you.

Ready for some exciting tennis?

Our latest 6.4 release introduces men’s and women’s singles tennis to our iOS and Android smartphone apps.  Here’s why our Tennis coverage blows away any other coverage by other general sports apps.

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