2014 Wimbledon Preview

As the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is a very prestigious tournament. Here are the five men’s and women’s contenders who have the best odds of winning the Wimbledon Championships.


Novak Djokovic, Serbia- 9/5

In last year’s Wimbledon, Djokovic lost to Andy Murray in the final, so he’ll be motivated to go one step further. Novak has advanced to at least the quarterfinals in all 7 tournaments he’s played in this year, and reached the semifinals in all but one of those. Djokovic won Wimbledon in 2011 and was runner-up last year.  As the number one seed in the tournament, Djokovic is the favorite to win Wimbledon.


Andy Murray, England- 4

Last year, Murray became the first Englishman to win Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936. Murray always has the most pressure out of anyone to win the tournament because he is the biggest contender from England. Murray’s best asset is his ability to connect on strong, accurate hits while on the run, which is a great asset to have when playing the best in the world.

Rafael Nadal, Spain- 11/2

After losing in his first game of the Gerry Weber Open (played on grass like Wimbledon), many think that Nadal may have some trouble at Wimbledon. However, Nadal likely lost on purpose to rest after a rigorous French Open championship. Nadal is known for his speed and ability to cover every inch of the court. Nadal won Wimbledon in 2008 and 2010, so he’s capable of winning the tournament.

Roger Federer, Switzerland- 13/2

Arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, Federer comes into Wimbledon having not won a Grand Slam title since 2012. However, Federer just won the Gerry Weber Open last week, so he comes into Wimbledon on a high note. Federer is one of the most versatile players in tennis, a stated by tennis great Jimmy Connors, and he can use any shot to beat his opponent. Federer is no stranger to Wimbledon, having won the tournament seven times, tied for most all time. Federer isn’t the same player he was five years ago, but his experience gives him a chance.


Stan Wawrinka, Switzerland- 18

The player with the best odds not in the “Big Four”, Wawrinka has actually had great success against the Big Four. He has beat Djokovic, Nadal, and Federer in his most recent match against each, and beat Murray in the 2013 US Open. Wawrinka has won the Australian Open and the Monte Carlo Masters this season, so he has had one of the best seasons in tennis so far. Due to his success against tennis’ best, Wawrinka has the best chance to pull off an upset championship.



Serena Williams, USA- 11/8

Probably the greatest tennis women’s player of all time, Williams is the favorite to win just about every tournament. Williams has won 17 grand slam titles, second most all time. Williams dominance is because of her power in her serve and hits. Williams is a five-time Wimbledon champion, so she certainly has experience at the tournament, and is 27-3 on grass in the last five years. If Williams can get up on her opponents early, she should have great success in London.


Maria Sharapova, Russia- 11/2

Although Sharapova has been dealing with a shoulder injury for eight years, she is still one of the best in women’s tennis. At 6’2”, Sharapova’s long limbs allow her to cover lots of space on the court and reach some balls that most wouldn’t be able to. If Sharapova wants to win Wimbledon, she’ll have to find a way to beat Williams, who she’s lost to 15 times in a row, last beating her in 2004.

Petra Kvitova, Czech Republic- 14

Kvitova’s lone Grand Slam title was the 2011 Wimbledon, so that could prove helpful in the tournament. Kvitova lacks great speed and movement, but she makes up for it with exceptional serving and volleying. Kvitova has not had great success against Williams and Sharapova, and she’ll have to get through at least one of them if she wants to win the title.

Victoria Azarenka, Lithuania- 14

The biggest concern for Azarenka is the status of right foot. This injury has slowed her down throughout the season, and even forced her to withdraw from the French Open and other tournaments. Her foot is a big concern because her ability to move around the court is one of her assets, so an injury that limits her mobility could prove costly. If her foot isn’t an issue, then Azarenka has  great chance to advance to at least the semifinals.


Simona Halep, Romania- 16

Halep is a young star with great potential, currently ranked at number three in the world. Halep recently finished runner-up at the French Open, so that should give her a good deal of confidence that she can hang with the best. Because of her short stature compared to tennis’ best, Halep has great agility and balance, and her low center of gravity gives her excellent power. Halep may not win this year, but she’ll surely be a major contender in years to come.


Odds from http://www.oddschecker.com


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