NFL Combine

NFL Combine

Analysts, scouts and GMs have different philosophies on how much stock to put in the NFL Combine. Some think the combine can accurately predict the future success of a player others put their faith only in what they see in game film. In any case it is a wonderful opportunity for future NFL players to put some numbers on the amazing athleticism they show on the field. These are Thuuz’s top impact performers of the 2015 NFL combine.


Jameis Winston:


While Famous Jameis is almost a shoo-in for the first overall selection in the NFL Draft, however, his lackluster NFL Combine performance led to many wanting more. Winston, the Florida State Heisman winner, has won a national championship with his mobility and athleticism, yet that didn’t show up on Saturday. Winston ran a disappointing 4.97 second 40 yard dash, and put up only a 28.5’’ vertical leap. While Winston still is a fantastic quarterback, the Buccaneers are probably not pleased with his being out of shape.


Marcus Mariota:


Mariota is a stud, it’s as simple as that. The fantastic pocket passer has proven his worth as a dual threat, as he has been able to display his athleticism at the Combine. The Oregon Heisman-winner ran a blazing 4.52 second 40 yard dash, and has an astonishing 36 inch vertical. Mariota’s athleticism and presence has improved his stock, and could possibly allow him to be taken number one overall.

Kevin White:

Kevin White

Most people didn’t know who the wide receiver from West Virginia even was before the Combine. Yet Kevin White has now proven that he should be taken seriously, and could even get drafted in the top five. White is the perfect wide receiver for the NFL—he has great speed, height and physicality. White ran a 4.35 second 40 yard dash, and had a 36.5 inch vertical. With his 6’3” frame, White could be unstoppable at the NFL.


Amari Cooper:


If Amari Cooper can play wide receiver in the NFL like he did at Alabama, then he could be a future hall of famer. Cooper is the ideal athlete in the NFL. Size, speed, strength, awareness, Cooper has it all. This highly-touted prospect backed up his worth at the Combine, with a nice 4.42 second 40 yard dash and a 33” vertical. The 6’1” Cooper should be a top five pick, and if he isn’t, some lucky GM will be pinching themselves when they see that they get to draft him.


Chris Conley:

Chris Conley

This year, Nick Chubb and Todd Gurley led a devastating running attack for the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia’s success, however, also is in large part due to Chris Conley, their monstrous wide receiver. The 6’2” Conley has the ability to burn past his defenders and then rise up and snag down hail mary dimes from quarterbacks. Conley is not the biggest receiver, but he showed he can make up for his lack of size with his 45” vertical (the highest in the 2015 Combine). Additionally, scouts are still in awe over Conley’s 4.35 second 40 yard dash, and are now raising Conley on their draft boards.


Phillip Dorsett:


While the hot item this offseason has been giant wide receivers, every team has a use for a small, speedy slot receiver. Phillip Dorsett, the wide receiver out of Miami, fits this profile perfectly. Dorsett’s explosive 4.33 second 40 yard dash has made many GMs eager for a chance to grab this guy. Even though he is 5’10”, Dorsett’s 37” vertical makes him able to be a major asset in the deep ball game as well. NFL teams are alway looking for reliable players like Dorsett.


Danny Shelton:


Anyone who watched Danny Shelton play at University of Washington knew exactly what what to expect at the combine. The massive 6’2”, 339 lb nose tackle has used brute force and surprising agility to eviscerate offenses throughout his college career. Shelton’s strength was evident with a fantastic 34 reps at the bench press. Even though Shelton is big, his 5.64 second 40 yard dash showed that he is still in shape for his size. Shelton should be nabbed fairly early in the draft especially after such a strong showing at the Combine.


Vic Beasley:


Vic Beasley has all the makings of a great NFL player. The 6’3” Clemson Linebacker has a dazzling mix of size and speed, and can use his strength to stop and offensive player in their tracks. Beasley had one of the most impressive 40 yard dash times for defensive players, with 4.53 seconds. Beasley also added a strong 41 inch vertical and 35 reps at the bench press. This multi-tool player has GM’s chomping at the bit for the chance to draft him.


Trae Waynes:


As there is an influx of great wide receivers this draft, NFL teams need great cornerbacks to buff up their defenses. This means that Michigan State’s Trae Waynes is going to be a hot commodity at the NFL Draft. Waynes led cornerbacks with a 4.31 second 40 yard dash, and added a solid 38” vertical. Waynes can keep up with any deep threat, and is strong and big enough to break up passes. This is a prime example of a player’s Combine performance helping them greatly in the eyes of NFL GMs.

2014/2015 College Football Conference Previews

ACC– With Louisville joining the ACC, and the defending National Champions Florida State in the conference, the ACC should be fairly strong this year.  The Florida State Seminoles are the obvious choice to lead the ACC. Having won the national championship last year, the team should have high hopes and spirits for the upcoming season.  Coach Jimbo Fisher is considered legendary, and defending Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston only got better in the offseason. With Winston on the field and Fisher on the sideline, the Seminoles have a shot at repeating their success from last season.


Big Ten– As the Big Ten expands to 14 teams; the competition is growing evermore fierce.  Both Rutgers and Maryland are joining the Big Ten this year, but that isn’t the biggest talk in the conference. Everyone is talking about the Ohio State program, as the Buckeyes are predicted to take first in the Big Ten this year.  Even though Michigan State was first last year, their defense was hit hard by players moving on in their careers.  The Buckeyes have the number one defensive line this year, so it is going to be hard to get any run game going. While Ohio State should be strong, Penn State and Michigan are emerging contenders, and shouldn’t be tossed aside. The best player in the Big Ten this year should be Braxton Miller, the Ohio State Quarterback. Look to this young man to put the offense on his back and carry the team to the end zone.


Big 12– In the past, the Big 12 has been regarded as a lower tier conference when compared to the SEC, Pac-12, and ACC. However, after Oklahoma’s Sugar Bowl win against Alabama, the conference is finally getting the respect that it deserves. Baylor and Texas have also built up a highly competitive football program to help the Big 12 rep. Oklahoma is predicted to take the top spot in the Big 12 this year, but Baylor shouldn’t be far behind. The stand out player of the Big 12 is expected to be Baylor’s Quarterback, Bryce Petty. 2013 was his first year in the starting spot, but he proved that he deserved the spot. With 4,200 yards and 32 touchdowns, the returning Petty has put Baylor in contention for the conference title, as well as the national championship.


Pac-12– Even though the SEC remains the top conference, the Pac-12 is quickly closing the gap. With four teams being top contenders for the Pac-12 championship, the Pac-12 looks like it’s going to have an exciting year. Oregon, Stanford, UCLA, and USC are all fighting for the top spot, but right now it looks like Oregon will just barely win the conference. The Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is the player to watch this year in the Pac-12 because if he stays healthy, it fares very well for Oregon.


SEC– As always, the SEC is predicted to be the strongest conference this year. Even though the SEC didn’t take home the national title last year, there is a good chance that they reclaim the trophy. With Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia all coming into the season as favorites, the SEC has a lot of teams that could potentially by great this year.  Alabama is predicted to take the top spot over Auburn, taking revenge over the tigers for the last minute win in 2013. While ‘Bama lacks the Quarterback that they have had in past years, their running game and defense is as strong as always.  The top player in the SEC for the 2014 season is predicted to be Todd Gurley, the Georgia running back that was injured in the LSU game last year. After he got hurt, the Bulldog’s season began a downwards spiral. His previous two years Gurley carried the ball for 2,374 yards and 27 touchdowns, and he’s only gotten faster and stronger.  If Gurley stays healthy, Georgia will be a threat to every team in the country.


AAC– Even though the conference has been fairly unstable for the last few years, American Athletic is stable once again. While no team in the American Athletic conference is looking at the national championship, some teams are looking at some large bowl games. The top of the conference is very evenly matched, with Cincinnati, East Carolina, and UCF all being top contenders. Even though Cincinnati is predicted to finish in the top spot of the conference, American Athletic is kind of a toss up. Cincinnati has a strong defense, and their offense is looking increasingly better, especially with the addition of Gunner Kiel, a Notre Dame transfer. Kiel should bring a spark to the Cincinnati offense, and help lead the team to a conference championship and even a bowl game.


Conference USA– Even though Conference USA is not one of the strongest conferences, the C-USA teams may be able to prove themselves this year. Marshall is favored for every game in their schedule, and are predicted to go undefeated for the year.  If that happens, Marshall will definitely get a bid to a big bowl game, and they will get the chance to prove that their conference packs a punch. Marshall is the obvious favorite for C-USA, and is coming into the season with something to prove. The team will have 13 returning seniors, and the dynamic senior quarterback, Rakeem Cato, will lead the offense.  Cato is the star of C-USA, and the entire league will look to him to show the country what C-USA is made of.


FBS Independent– As usual, Notre Dame will lead the Independent teams, but Notre Dame isn’t in for a stellar year. While star quarterback Everett Golson is returning after a 1-year ban, he doesn’t have much to work with. Wide Receivers are going to have to step up to help put the ball into the end zone, but most of the weight rests on Golson’s shoulders.  The defense will also have to step up big time in order to help the team. While there are some good players on D, there are some big holes that still need to be filled.


MAC– Even though the new four game playoff increases the gap between the top conferences and the lower ones, teams from the lower conferences still have the opportunity to show up on the national stage through bowl games.  This year Bowling Green has the chance to get to a big bowl game. Bowling Green averaged 38 points per game last year, and with a new head coach and returning quarterback Matt Johnson, that number is only expected to increase. Toledo is the hardest game on Bowling Green’s schedule, and even that isn’t too tough of a game. Bowling Green is rallying behind Johnson to help lead the team to a bowl game this year.


Mountain West– The Mountain West is no longer the conference it was in 2013, or the year’s prior. The losses of coaches and players really hurt the conference’s power.  Boise State lost their head coach but acquired the offensive coordinator from Arkansas State. Injuries hurt the Broncos last year, but if they remain healthy, they should win the conference. However, if Boise suffers injuries again, the Utah State Aggies will win. Aggies’ Chuck Keeton returns to the starting quarterback position after tearing his ACL last season. If Keeton can come back strong, the Aggies have a chance to take the conference from under Boise.


Sun Belt– The Sun Belt conference is a fairly small conference with fairly unknown teams. However, UL Lafayette is proving to be quite strong, at least for their conference. They are predicted to go 8-0 within Sun Belt and 10-2 overall.  The Ragin’ Cajuns are led by quarterback Terrance Broadway and their wide selection of running backs. Broadway led the team to average 33.8 points per game in 2013, and he will be looking to increase that number to give the Cajuns even more leverage over their opponents.


College Football is Back! But Soccer Still Rules. Games of the Weekend 8/30 – 9/1

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates — Friday, August 30, 7:05 pm ET on MLB Network — 88

The Cards enter tonight’s series opener holding a one game lead over the Pirates in the NL Central. St. Louis has won nine out of their last 12 games, and led by Carpenter, Craig and Beltran, their offense is working at full steam. The Bucs won the last series between these two squads, four games to one, and there’s no doubt that this series will have serious playoff implications.

#5 Georgia Bulldogs vs. #8 Clemson Tigers — Saturday, August 31, — 90

Both of these teams have BCS Championship aspirations. If Georgia loses this game, they’re a one-loss SEC team. Still a decent chance. If Clemson loses the game, they’re a one-loss ACC team. Say goodbye. In addition to being an obvious blockbuster of athletic squads, there’s a lot on the line. This is a must-watch game.

Monaco vs. Marseille — Sunday, September 1, 3 pm ET — 89

The two teams at the top of the Ligue 1 table face off. Here are some interesting stats: Marseille have only lost once in their last 10 Ligue 1 matches against Monaco. Marseille have only lost once in their last 15 league games. Marseille are unbeaten in their last nine home league games. Monaco are unbeaten in their last 12 competitive away games. Keep an eye out for André-Pierre Gignac, who has scored eight of Marseille’s last 15 goals.

Manchester United vs. Liverpool — Sunday, September 1, 8:30 am ET, NBC Sports — 91

Manchester’s powerful offense faces Liverpool’s stingy defense, which features the return of center-back Martin Skrtel from knee injury. If Liverpool wins, it’ll be their best league start in nearly ten years. Man U looks to keep chugging down their tough road to title defense.

Tottenham vs. Arsenal — Sunday, September 1, 11:00 am ET, NBC Sports — 91

Tottenham have 2 wins on 2 Soldado PKs, but their fans’ minds might be on the transfer block and not the pitch. Arsenal is still rebounding from their opening loss to Aston Villa, and the North London Derby should be especially competitive and high-scoring in part because of that.

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Nick_Florence_5 Johnny_Manziel_4 Braxton_Miller_3 Denard_Robinson_2

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