Fantasy Thuuzers: It’s Baseball Time!

While Thuuz Sports is the ultimate utility for any baseball fan, we provide a little bit extra for Fantasy baseballers. With our latest releases for iOS and Android, Fantasy Thuuzers can make sure they never miss an exciting performance involving one of their fantasy baseball players.

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How it works?
Sign up for Thuuz Fantasy Baseball 2013 beta and Import your Fantasy baseball teams in thuuz from any of the major Fantasy platforms. Along with tracking your team favs and exciting games, we’ll track games involving your Fantasy players and let you know when your players are going off. We’ll even tell you if the game is on TV.

Key features
Fantasy baseball is an integrated add-on to the main Thuuz Sports app

– See your Fantasy rosters, player status and league status on the Fantasy tab
– Scan timely Fantasy updates in your Thuuz feed
– Receive Thuuz Fantasy alerts
– Hot players – when your players reach statistical milestones
– Scoring position – when pitchers enter the game or batters have RBI opportunities
– Competition updates – end of the week updates if your match is close
– Injury alerts – when your players get put on the DL
– Talk smack in Thuuz to your league competitors

Why import your Fantasy teams in Thuuz?
We won’t replace your Fantasy apps but there are a few benefits to integrating your Fantasy rosters in Thuuz Sports.

– Easier to track live sports for BOTH your fan favs AND your fantasy players
– Easier for Fantasy owners with teams on multiple platforms to track players
– Best in class alerts, including when your Fantasy players are on TV

Getting started?
It’s simple to get started

– Download the latest version of Thuuz
– Click on the Fantasy tab in Thuuz
– Create a Thuuz account if you haven’t already done so
– Sign into your Fantasy platforms to import your teams
– And you’re ready to go.

As always, let us know what you think. Email us anytime at

Just in time for the NCAA Tourney – Meet Our Thuuz College Reps!

This month we launched our Thuuz College Reps program. Thuuz college reps use their expertise in onsite events and social media to get the Thuuz word out on campus. With students’ ridiculously busy schedule, Thuuz is the perfect app for student to keep track of their favorite teams and sports – Our reps make sure their classmates never miss an exciting sports moment.

Meet our first 9 campus reps!

And if you’re interested in participating in our college rep program, let us know!

Charlie Worthington- University of Kansas


1. Why are you excited about being a Thuuz College Rep?
As a Jayhawk fan, I am excited to spread the excitement of Thuuz to my fellow March Madness lovers here in Lawrence and be updated on exciting games all throughout March.

2. How do you think technology has changed sports?
Technology has revolutionized sports to make it so convenient to watch any event. Even when you are away from a TV/iPad/Bar, you can still get updates to your phone about every game you can imagine.

3. What are you looking to do when you graduate?
When I graduate I plan on working in sales and marketing or insurance in Texas.

4. Besides your school, what other teams (pro and college) do you follow?
Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, New Orleans Saints, LA Clippers, Dallas Mavs


Top 10 College Basketball Games of 2012/2013 Season

March Madness is in full swing with conference tournaments!

Thuuz has been recapping the regular season with our Top 10 most exciting teams and the Top 10 most exciting players. Today we’re giving you the Top 10 games of the college basketball season. An important thing to remember here is that we ranking games in the context of when they happened, meaning – a game might be ranked higher than you’d expect now if that team was say, #1 in the country back when the game actually occurred.

According to Thuuz data these 10 games ranked (it was extremely close as there were LOTS of great games this season) as the most exciting.

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Top 10 Most Exciting College Hoops Players of 2013

Merry March Madness!

Yesterday we launched our Top 10 most exciting teams by Thuuz rating. Today we’ve used our data to determine the 10 most exciting players in the nation. We evaluated 802 players in all. Our  player excitement is a combination of a player’s contribution to the overall excitement of a game, as well as the excitement of the individual plays in which the player is involved. At a high level you can think of it as a combination of clutch/impact efforts with highlight worthy plays. Players that rank high on this lists show both characteristics.

These 10 players surfaced as the most exciting in the country. Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments section.

Also stay tuned tomorrow for the top 10 most exciting games of college basketball season.

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