The 3 Soccer Games You Absolutely Can’t Miss This Week

Napoli v Lazio | Sat. 2/29  – 92 Thuuz Pre-Rating


In a hit Outkast song, the band asks, “What’s colder, than being cold? Ice cold!” Take the definition of “ice cold,” consider the opposite, and your answer is Napoli. Having not dropped a Serie A match in 2013, Napoli is a win away from matching Juventus for top of the table. The team directly below them in third place? That would be Lazio. If you have one match to watch this weekend, this is surely the one you want.

Schalke 04 v Bayern | Sat. 2/29 – 83 Thuuz Pre-Rating

Franck Ribery New Pic 2013 09

How good is the Bayern defense? So good that they are riding a three game clean sheet streak and have not given up a goal in league play this year. Not even Bilbo or Frodo Baggins could sneak a goal past them. In addition to finding the back of the net, Schalke will try to do something that no Bundesliga team has done since the end of October: Defeat Bayern.

Fiorentina v Juventus | Sat. 2/29 82 Thuuz Pre-Rating


With both teams only having one Serie A victory for each of them in 2013, Juventus and Fiorentina have had a worse start to 2013 than most anticipated. A win in this important game could go a long way into getting back into form. If Juve wants to stay in first, they must first withstand a tough task and dispatch Fiorentina.

Top 5 NBA Games Of The Week

Last week featured a healthy slate of NBA action, and one that certainly didn’t disappoint. We were fortunate enough to witness a fair share of upsets, elite performances, and exciting finishes on the hardwood over the last seven days. Here are the Top 5 best games of the past week.

5. Indiana Pacers – Denver Nuggets

Excitement Score: 96

Andre Iguodala made a free throw with 0.4 seconds remaining after forcing a turnover to deny a last-second shot by Indiana, and Denver won 102-101 Monday night.

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Top 10 NHL Games Of The Week

With a few weeks of games under its proverbial belt, this year’s condensed NHL season is starting to hit full stride and delivered some extremely intense and entertaining games last week. There were a handful of close games, including some great overtime and shootout thrillers, that left no doubt that hockey is officially back. The Blackhawks (86.81), Sharks (80.34), and Bruins (71.07) had the highest Team Excitement Ratings on the week, which is only fitting for the league’s top three squads.

10. Washington Capitals – Ottawa Senators 

Excitement Rating: 74

Despite a strong start from the Capitals, the Senators rallied from a two-goal deficit to beat Washington 3-2.

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